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Got to work with these total babes today, filming with @askylitdrive 😘
Photo by @nevershouldhave  and edit by @thewolvesiam c: #helloorlando #bluehair
😍 In love with this set so far photo credit the magical Alexander Hoggard!#model #photoshoot #bluehair #motorcycle #vintage #tattoo
Sneek peek from tonight’s #shoot this was look #1 c; I seriously wanted to steal this bike 😍😍#model #80s
Jessica Drossin Textures

Hey guys its the last day to vote but please signal boost this, Jordana and i would much appreciate it!
It was an incredibly last minuet shoot but a lot of hard work, blood sweat and tears went into the making (for fucks sake it was 100dg out) 

To see the rest of the shoot you can go here c:




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Jessica Drossin Textures

please please go vote for Jordanas photo from todays shoot “Wicked” 

also check out the rest of the shoot  (not completely up yet!)


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Wicked | Facebook

Heres just the beginning of todays shoot :) 

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Have a bite? #sneekpeek today’s #photoshoot with @jordanagphoto c:

Anyone have an classic cars they want to get good photos out this weekend, in the Fontana, Ontario Pomona or Rancho area, there will be compensation with photo and small cash- and if you represent any group or affiliation LET ME KNOW ASAP OKAY I’LL LOVE YOU FOREVER

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More #photoshoot thanks to #cheshirekatstudio and momma @shelbyjanice c: (at GNP Studios )
I feel so innocent :&#8217;) more from #cheshirekatstudios and once again special thanks to momma @shelbyjanice for letting us use the GNP warehouse-the shoot was feat. For some special footage c; (at GNP Studios )
Fingers what are you dOING? kinda a personal fav c: #cheshirekatstudios  (at GNP Studios )