home message The truth is... Creep home away Good Music Na
I have work soon but first lemme take a selfie
Post run selfie
#bts last night #hostage #videoshoot
My #whateverwednesdays outfit!! Okay good night!!! I’ve got a long day ahead of me!!
I did a thing woooo #feelinit
Everybody’s going to the party, gonna have a real good time
Oh yea and my #hair is all #purple
#redlips pull the tips. It’s science.  (at Taco Hut Mexican Restaurant)
My very own first $30 tip he tried to leave $40 but got confused wooo #tacohut  (at Taco Hut)
It feels like I can’t do much right these days,like even my skin, man 😞
I look really derpy but awh look what he got me c:
Off to work :) #tacohut
🌃 Shittywok with @thewolvesiam  last night c:
Just chillin with #earth nbd
Saturdays not so sober selfie