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Anonymous: The quote you reblog about killing your old self I feel I need to do I feel I need to shed this old skin and be a new person the person I want to be but idk how/where to start


I’ve done that before.
Sometimes you just need to find a new atmosphere to be in. Whether it be finding new friends, a new place to call home / rearranging or redoing your bedroom, better job, or just a new look. Changing what you are used to if it no longer brings any joy in your life is usually the best way to start staring over. It breaks the “daily routine” and gives you a sense of a new beginning.

Just take baby steps.
Start with changing something small about your life until you have a whole new life with a whole new identity.

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"ahh yes a 2007 Pinot from…Napa Valley I believe? A very good year"

RootBoy x Roottoy
About 25 more likes and we have something going here #youtube #makeup #tutorial #MUA #MUAH

If I made a YouTube for makeup how many of you would watch it?

Suggestions are much appreciated c:

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Real life #derps with @thewolvesiam
Fester says hello!